Let Your Content Change the World

Effective content drives change … Whether it is an essay like “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. or “The Fire Next Time” by James Baldwin, a painting by Goya, a street art campaign, a company or organization slogan that suddenly everyone on the planet knows by memory — or a single photo orContinue reading “Let Your Content Change the World”

The Amazing Evolution of Language

The evolution of language from the ancient Egyptians to the Phoenicians and later Greek and Latin. The importance of language to human identity. Modern content traces its roots to the human need to communicate and do business. Paradigm Content Solutions offers content, digital marketing, and editorial services for all your needs

Content and its Discontents

Ancient humans told stories through images on cave walls and via oral tradition like we see with the Homeric hymns. This content is pre-writing in its truest sense and, later, content passed down through the generations verbally and was memorized. Eventually, early content creators took those oral songs, dramas, and stories of the ancient Greeks, and compiled them into cohesive narratives like The Illiad and The Odyssey.
Good content, writing, style, and proofreading are essential for formal writing — this is why you should choose Paradigm Content Solutions for all your content needs. While this blog is pretty informal, we create your messaging according to your exact instructions, and our team is comfortable writing about many industries: education, health, business, sales, marketing, and the non-profit segment are just some areas we love to engage with.