Will the Lecture Survive as a Means of Conveying Knowledge?

The surprising surge in popularity for TED Talks, Podcasts, and popular intellectuals / writers/ former professors selling out live venues in America and abroad (pre-pandemic) makes use wonder if the lecture isn’t dead, and may have a second act. The Idea of the Lecture I currently work for an educational technology company, worked as aContinue reading “Will the Lecture Survive as a Means of Conveying Knowledge?”

Maintaining Balance During the Age of Endless Distraction

It is no secret that we live in what might be referred to as the age of endless and unnecessary distraction where our most valuable nonrenewable resource slips through our fingers like sand as we scroll through a never ending loop of media that adds zero value to our mindset or lives and, in fact,Continue reading “Maintaining Balance During the Age of Endless Distraction”

Schools Lack Resources for Online Learning and Outreach

Many public schools do not have the budget to have a staff of writers on hand to provide professional content for its constituents. Some are lucky enough to have administrators, teachers, and curriculum coaches that are good writers and take the time every week, often unpaid, to create the content that is needed for the important reasons listed above. Some administrators see the inherent value and make sure content creation is in the budget. Teachers and staff are afforded time to make it happen.

Schools Must Invest in Online Content Now

As the search for a Covid-19 vaccine persists and the global pandemic continues to disrupt the normal education environment, most K-12 public and private schools in the United States have gone fully virtual – or drastically adjusted their normal face-to-face meeting schedules. This varies from state to state; however, the key takeaway today is theContinue reading “Schools Must Invest in Online Content Now”

Six Concepts to Consider for Your SEO Strategy

When the pandemic lock-down spread across the world a few months ago, hordes of office workers grabbed their laptops and commuted home with a sense of uncertainty and doom. Public school students across the world abruptly adjusted their routine and pivoted to remote learning. Friends and colleagues had internet happy hours, eCommerce orders skyrocketed, andContinue reading “Six Concepts to Consider for Your SEO Strategy”

Let Your Content Change the World

Effective content drives change … Whether it is an essay like “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. or “The Fire Next Time” by James Baldwin, a painting by Goya, a street art campaign, a company or organization slogan that suddenly everyone on the planet knows by memory — or a single photo orContinue reading “Let Your Content Change the World”

7 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make

Let us be honest, there is a lot that can go wrong when you approach the world of digital marketing for the first time. If you choose to work with experienced professionals who understand this industry, you stand a much better chance of success.  Why “learn as you go” when you can collaborate with experiencedContinue reading “7 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make”

Testing medium.com — #MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS

Recently I’ve done some research about medium.com. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an online publishing platform created by the founders of Twitter as a way for people to share their thoughts, outlooks, perspectives and views when they aren’t bound by 140 characters. Medium has a partner program in which people can sign up, […]Continue reading “Testing medium.com — #MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS”

Features of a Social Media Content Strategy 2020 (Client Attracting 101) — Tiffany Garside | Content Strategist & Copywriter

It’s 2020 now and your business has been sky rocketing! You’ve reflected on the past year and know that you have mostly reached all of your and business goals. To take your company to the next level in 2020 you’re going to have to get serious with your content marketing strategies. From email marketing, ads, […]Continue reading “Features of a Social Media Content Strategy 2020 (Client Attracting 101) — Tiffany Garside | Content Strategist & Copywriter”