Our Story

It all started on a dark and rainy night …

In 2017, when I decided to leave academia for good and join the business of education. My work in client success management and sales combined with my writing background produced the synergy to create a service that would help solve problems: the challenge many people and businesses face obtaining good content, marketing your message, and providing a much needed range of editorial services at a reasonable rate to a variety of clients. At Paradigm, we hope to create lasting relationships and clients that trust us to improve their message, recognition of their brand, and effectiveness of their content and marketing. We are a small agency, but are comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds with generalized skills and targeted specialties: content creation across a variety of industries, solid research and fact checking, originality, and experts in SEO/SEM, Google Analytics, social media and email marketing, lead development, and dedicated editorial specialists in a variety of fields.

“Word-carpentry is like any other type of carpentry: you must join your sentences smoothly. “

— Anatole France

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paradigmcontentsolutions@ gmail.com

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